Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

Graco Thermo Flow Manual – PDF

Hot Melt Adhesive Supply units:

A wide variety of adhesive supply units from small capacity units (10 pounds and higher) to high capacity units (100 pounds and higher).  The units are available with either electric gear pumps or air operated piston pumps.  Our smaller hot melt units offer the industry leading “Melt on Demand” concept.

Hot Melt Drum and Pail Unloaders:

Pump hot melt adhesive directly from a 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum.  A wide variety of air operated pumps with varying fluid flow rates to meet the demands of any applications

Hot Melt Adhesive Hoses and Applicators:

Hot melt adhesive hoses available in a variety of lines and sizes depending upon your application.  Manual hot melt adhesive guns and automatic hot melt adhesives applicators available with a wide assortment of nozzles sizes and configurations.  We have the ability to dispense a single line of adhesive or multiple lines adhesives.

Challenger Parts:

The Challenger parts are high quality OEM hot melt adhesive hoses, modules, nozzles that will work on any hot melt adhesive manufactures equipment at a reduced cost.

Cold Glue Application Equipment:

Dispensing equipment for water based adhesives used in a variety of applications such as carton sealing and business form applications

Hot Melt Shaped Adhesive guns:

Manual glue guns to dispense hot melt adhesive in either stick or slug forms.